Todays spinning session

Jan Inge Dersyd had a great spinning at Arena in Stavanger; with the following profile today; One long warm-up; then 7 intervalls alternating with high and intermediate intensity; a very suitable training for and older body; the restitution periodes where one and respectively two minutes; this was my profile; Happy Week-end….. tk

Arvo Pärt; Creator Spiritus

I have been listening to Arvo Pärts Creator Spiritus recently – especially “My Hearts in the Highlands” with Else Torp;  – yesterday we thus watched the movie la Grande Belleza (Paolo Sorrontino). About life and death; if you have seen – see again; if not; take the time to listen and watch; its worth it…Continue reading “Arvo Pärt; Creator Spiritus”

Jenny Erpenbeck

I have read several  books by Jenny Erpenbeck; “Gehen, ging, gegangen” – which actually reminds me of one of my favorite Dylan songs; Going, going, gone I’ve just reached a place Where the willow don’t bend There’s not much more to be said It’s the top of the end I’m going I’m going I’m goneContinue reading “Jenny Erpenbeck”

Fight the French “wing gambit”

I am playing the so-called wing-gambit for the time being; at you can watch Simons videos labelled; “space gambits”. Here are som of my notes; If blacks tries to simply play b6; do the following; play a3 and consolidate the center; the idea behind this kind of wing-gambit is to reduce the pressure inContinue reading “Fight the French “wing gambit””

Increased use of coercive procedures and prolonged hospitalization in compulsory admitted psychotic patients, who refuse antipsychotic medication

This is a very interesting paper about the consequences of reduced use of antipsychotic medication for patients with acute psychosis. They found that patients who did refuse to receive antipsychotic medication did in fact end up having a delay in the treatment that actually helped them. As I see it, there is no doubt thatContinue reading “Increased use of coercive procedures and prolonged hospitalization in compulsory admitted psychotic patients, who refuse antipsychotic medication”

Magnus Carlsen and KINDRED

Sorry to say that the story of Magnus (the chess-genius) continue into confusion. His chess-club (Offerspill) has now made a deal with KINDRED despite the fact that the Norwegian Chess Federation (NSF) last year, turned down the offer to be promoting the betting-giant KINDRED (a deal worth 5 million dirty €). I do not understandContinue reading “Magnus Carlsen and KINDRED”

Why Critical & Clinical?

“A great writer is always like a foreigner in the language which he expresses himself, even if this is his native tongue. At the limit, he draws his strength from a mute and unknown minority that belongs only to him. He is a foreigner in his own language: he does not mix another language withContinue reading “Why Critical & Clinical?”