Jenny Erpenbeck

I have read several  books by Jenny Erpenbeck; “Gehen, ging, gegangen” – which actually reminds me of one of my favorite Dylan songs; Going, going, gone

I’ve just reached a place
Where the willow don’t bend
There’s not much more to be said
It’s the top of the end
I’m going
I’m going
I’m gone

Appeared in Planet Waves (1974) but also on the overwhelming Live at Budokan (1979).

Erpenbeck is an interesting author – originally educated as opera director – she started writing in 1999 – also the book Aller Tage Abend can be recommended; however; I just started reading Heimsuching which is a story about one house and thousand of years…

Back to dear Bob;

I’m closin’ the book
On the pages and the text
And I don’t really care
What happens next
I’m just going
I’m going
I’m gone



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