Fight the French “wing gambit”

I am playing the so-called wing-gambit for the time being; at you can watch Simons videos labelled; “space gambits”. Here are som of my notes;

If blacks tries to simply play b6; do the following; play a3 and consolidate the center; the idea behind this kind of wing-gambit is to reduce the pressure in the center – especially c5’s effect on d4…



If black tries to ignore the sacrifice by playing an early c4; go for c3 and d3 or even d4.



If black challenges the center with f5; rip it open with g4 at the right moment – attack on the kingside!



Another important thing to remember is that if the black king stays in the center – attack with the pawn-break c4!



Finally; a typical game-situation could be the following;



This opening often confuses french-defense player – they win a pawn, but loose the possibility to play the games they love – attacking the d4-pawn….

For a good game – see f.ex Kovalenko vs Zatonskih 2014








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