Magnus Carlsen and KINDRED

Sorry to say that the story of Magnus (the chess-genius) continue into confusion. His chess-club (Offerspill) has now made a deal with KINDRED despite the fact that the Norwegian Chess Federation (NSF) last year, turned down the offer to be promoting the betting-giant KINDRED (a deal worth 5 million dirty €). I do not understand that it now will be possible for NSF to continue supporting MC and his club as a part of the organization representing chess in Norway. A line must be drawn, otherwise NSF is completely in MCs pockets. A strange story; but being a chess genius does not necessarily make you into a reasonable organizer. We love MCs brilliancy at the chess-board, but his flirting with the betting industry does not warrant admiration. Life is difficult; sometimes chess obviously makes it even harder. It seems to me that MC is an extremely bad looser; he is now treating NSF in the same rude manner that he treated Wesley So when he crushed MC in Fischer-chess; left the room angrily and claimed that he lost because he played badly and not because Wesley played well. Learn to loose MC; learn to loose…..

Skjermbilde 2020-01-09 kl. 00.16.13.png

MC flirting with the betting-industry

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